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    Results are not important, but they can persist for many years as a commemoration of . Many years ago, as a result of habits and overeating formed one of obesity, as well as indicators of overall physical disorders, so that affects my work and life. In friends to encourage and supervise, the participated in the team Now considered to have been more than three years, neither the fine rain, regardless of winter heat, a day out with 5:00 time. The beginning, have been discouraged, suffering, and disappointment, but in the end of the urging of friends, to re-get up, stand on the playground.  

    In fact, I did not build big, nor strong muscles, not a sport-born people. Over the past few years to adhere to it, because I have a team behind, the strength of a strong team here, very grateful to our team, for a long time, we encourage each other, and with sweat, enjoying common health happy. For example, Friends of the several run in order to maintain order and unable to attend the 10,000 meters race, and they are always concerned about the brothers and promptly inform the place and time, gives us confidence and courage. At the same time, also came on their own inner desire and pursuit for a good health, who wrote many of their own log in order to refuel for their own, and inspiring.  

    As the saying goes: steed leap, not ten steps, ten inferior horse riding, Gong-in give up. Indeed, a much needed one and give up the spirit of wedge. Adhering to the this is indeed a need for very perseverance. insist on a day to rest in accordance with the fixed time, leisurely days gone lax, especially late at night to rest and change the way of life, which seems young, it is inconceivable, and since five o'clock the morning, a little bright days, it is a good time to dream. A friend of mine has a joke that you had on the old age. In fact, we have no longer a dream, only to establish goals, determined to move forward towards a direction, will eventually achieve the ideal. Assessment units have been my female colleagues as the most stamina of men, I would like them to the high uation, perhaps I am more dedicated to see their side.  

    individual meters on a county to run the second prize winner in the podium, from the ministers and deputy head of publicity, who took over a certificate of merit and enjoy the award-winning treatment of athletes, the stronger the confidence in the future to participate in sports. This is me, not the end, but a milestone, but also a new starting point. 

    say, the organization also realized the purpose of running fitness.



  俗话说:“骐骥一跃,不能十步,驽马十驾,功在不舍”。真的,人非常需要这种楔而不舍的精神。在坚持晨跑这件上,确实是需要非常毅力的。每天要坚持早睡早起,要按照固定的作息时间,悠闲散漫的日子一去不返,特别是晚上不能休息太迟,改变了生活方式,这在年轻人看来,简直是不可思议的事,因为早上五点钟,天微微亮,正是做梦的好时光。曾经有朋友笑话说,你们都过上了老年生活。实际上,我们已经不能再做梦了,只有树立目标,下定决心,勇往直前地朝着一个方向前进,理想终将实现。曾经单位女同事评我为“最有毅力男人”,我想她们给了过高的评价,或许她们看到我比较执着的一面吧。

  登上了全县万米个人跑二等奖的领奖台,从宣传部长和副县长手中接过奖状,享受了运动员得奖的待遇,更加坚定了今后参与运动的信心。这对我来说,不是终点,而是一个里程碑,更是一个新的起点。

  这么说来,也实现了组织全民健身跑的目的。

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