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I come from Ningbo, which is a port city in the Zhejiang province of China. Ningbo is famous for its economy, culture, scenery and people. I also think the climate is very good there. It may be a bit hot in summer, but we organize many water activities and sea sports festivals then. When I was a member of cheerleading in primary school, we used to appear in most events. We  wore traditional Chinese clothes, either qipao with various colours or a modified uniform which inspired by the latest fashion.
Ningbo is a safe place and I never feel endangered. We like to go out at night and parents are willing to let children play with their friends in public places. Yet, it is contemporary.
We have two of the biggest shopping centres in China. One is Tianyi Square, which is especially modern, with its international brands and wide open spaces. Every Sunday night, there is an extraordinary water and light show there; therefore crowds start building up after dinner.  The hustle and bustle of a Sunday in Tianyi Square includes gangs of teenagers running, laughing, drinking and talking; mid-age couples walking freely with their hands hold together and grannies watching their little grandchildren play around. Naturally, it is an ideal meeting point either by appointment or accident.
Once I was attending a gathering in a tea room, just in the front of the artificial lake. We were waiting for the water movie. Suddenly I spot my god brother’s bright yellow sport T-shirt and, surprisingly, a girl with a black ponytail next to him.  They are fascinated by something. I wonder what? I crept up behind them. With all of the noises the people are making, I don’t need to be very quiet!
They both jumped, and then smiled shyly. Now she is my favourite sister-in-law. We still like to have fun there in the summer nights.
I have lived in various places and I firmly believe that Ningbo has the best “quality of life”. It is neither large nor small and in comparison to Shanghai it is much more relaxed and cleaner, with many modern developments. The whole city is clean, green and airy. It combines a high technology lifestyle with traditional Chinese buildings and customs. Ningbo has excellent connections to metropolitan cities like by Donghai Bridge, which only takes 2.5 hours in the car. We believe that this will increase foreign investment and help create economic integration with Shanghai.
The natural scenery of Ningbo is excellent.  Known as a great green city, it has  hundreds park. Tthe most famous and beautiful of these is Moon Lake, which was originally built in 636AD. It is two miles from the main train station; so  visitors can’t miss this brilliant place. The sunburst of yellow catches eyes; yes, they are sunflowers. If you move closer, the elegant red roses with their green ferns will look lovely, and the birds will be chatting amongst the dense leaves of the trees. An equal distance from the park, the Chenghuang Temple and Gu Lou  proudly stand and face each other. Both have a long history. 
Once you enter either place, the first thing that strikes you is the space. Light floods in from the enormous windows in the ceilings, so even on a winter’s day you do not feel closed in. The roof is high and the aisles are wide, which adds to the spaciousness. There are a wide variety of boutiques in Gu Lou  . My favourite is a embroidery workshop. It is small but crammed full of great masterpieces and embroidery accessories. The owner is a young girl with a sweet and naïve smile. She always lets me and my friends stay there for ages embroidering and giggling. Sometimes we taste her homemade Chinese cake and special fruit tea.
One side of Chenghuang Temple is a huge snack court where you can smell delicious snacks from all over the world. I went there several times a week and tried everything I fancied –Ningbo taoyuan, Shanghai steam pudding, Yunan Rice cake, Bejing duck spring roll, India flying cake, British fish and chips, American flied chicken, Greek salad … Eat-in is more popular than take-away if you are not in a hurry, since you can meet a diversity of  customers there and all are chatting happily and openly.
The countryside of Ningbo consists of stretches of lush green hills dotted with the occasional temples and towers; followed by flatter areas filled with local villages and areas containing crops. There will sometimes be a series of canals, rivers or seas, with fishermen spending their days perched on the bank. When I was a little girl, my siblings and I liked to spend time on the beach and wander over to the rocks to look for interesting sea creatures. We were good at catching a few crabs, shells and prawns. There were free barbecues by the beach which allowed us to cook our catches before returning home. This was the freshest seafood. Just as memorably, we swam afterwards in the uncharacteristically clean seas.
Ningbo's local cooking style is called ‘Yong cuisine’.  Ningbo has many international restaurants with different cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Brazilian, Thai and all eight classes of Chinese Cuisine. In addition, a number of world popular chain restaurants and clubs have a branch in the city. However, Yong restaurants are always the most popular eating places.  The dishes offered are mainly from the region, but somehow these restaurants tend to create more sophisticated food than the usual fare found. In general, they are more enjoyed by visitors. As a Ningbonese I always look for classic dishes which are lightly and delicately seasoned. We have a 'sweet tooth' and more sugar is used in Ningbo than in any other part of China. For instance, take Da Zha Xie (mitten crab), a kind of crab only found in the Yangcheng Lake. It is tied with ropes, placed in bamboo containers, steamed and served. Other popular dishes include crispy chicken, made by first boiling the body of a chicken until its flesh is tender, then roasting it for long periods of time or until the skin goes dry and crispy.
There are several revolving restaurants in the centre of town that are designed for sightseeing. Customers have two hours to view the spectacular meeting point of the ‘Three River Mouths’,  influenced by our position in the junction of three main rivers in southern China.   We also have a large selection of freshwater fish and shellfish.
Ningbonese people generally have a friendly yet businesslike manner because a large amount of us carry out commercial activities. My parents are business people, my uncle runs his own painting factory, my auntie has a leisure centre and my brother’s photographer studio develops well. Ningbo has numerous markets, malls and department stores. All the goods a man can think of or make, you are able to find in Ningbo.

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